About the Books

Monsters for Rent

You will be introduced to a young boy named Rusty, who desperately wants people to leave him alone. Eventually his wish comes true, but in a way he doesn’t expect. Discover how young Rusty regrets his actions and realizes the wisdom behind the saying, “Be careful with what you wish for because you might just get it.”

Toby T-Rex Lightning Strikes

This is an alluring first book about an ancient Tyrannosaurus rex egg that is magically hatched. Welcome into the modern world…Toby T-rex. It is a story about friendship and loyalty as several forest animals raise Toby. Problems arise with humans, but animal trickery keeps the forest secret safe.

Nanny Goat Chunks

Nanny Goat is expected to help other animals on Cloonie’s Farm because she is in very good physical condition. But as time goes by an unwanted change takes place. Slowly her abilities lessen, and her weight increases. Her animal friends point out why this is happening. Nanny Goat has decisions to make. The lesson learned: It takes a lot longer to get into shape than it takes to chunk up.

Toby T-Rex Forest Secret

A year has passed since Toby-T-rex hatched from his ancient dinosaur egg. He and his animal family have enjoyed a peaceful survival deep within a dense forest. All this suddenly changes when they learn that an injured female T-rex also exists. Trust enters the picture when the animals reluctantly accept the help of an old veterinarian. But does the doctor have a motive to reveal the forest secret, or will his trusty dog help keep it safe?

Bumbling BoBo

BoBo is a young gorilla that enjoys fantasizing during play.  One day his imagination and reckless frolicking interrupts the jungle’s serenity; four adult animals are rudely awakened from their midday nap.  Disturbed by the gorilla’s delinquent behavior, the animals coin the name Bumbling BoBo as a well-deserved nickname. After a common sense solution, serenity returns to the jungle and nap time too.